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PAWS Supporters

PAWS Supporters pay an annual membership fee and optionally sign up for a regular donation schedule to assist us with our cause, and help maintain our office and a staffed phone (many calls we receive are from distressed animal lovers who require advice or referrals regarding sick or injured animals).

By joining our society and becoming a financial supporter you are helping us conduct our community work. Your support will help pay for the distribution of free information packs, free brochures, phone calls, postage, website costs and other expenses.

  • PAWS Full Supporter: $30
  • PAWS Concession Supporter: $20
  • Household: $20
  • Small Business: $50

Please come visit us and fill out a supporter form to sign up.

Corporate Sponsorship
Contact PAWS if your company can offer some level of sponsorship to PAWS, from something as simple as offering a discount to PAWS Supporters or a more comprehensive package. Just give us a call or email.

If you are in a position to offer your time and effort then PAWS is more than willing to accept. Various volunteer work is available to suit your particular skill set, or work with other volunteers to build experience.
Contact us today to volunteer!

Graphics Designers – Design graphics and layouts for leaflets, brochures, and other advocacy purposes. Helps to enhance and maintain the PAWS website.

Book Keeper – Attends to the maintenance and reconciliation of records, financial transactions, and preparation of regular reports showing income, expenditure and account balances.

Fundraisers – Self-motivated, enthusiastic people who can represent our non-profit organisation in a responsible and professional way to raise funds for community- based projects.

Grant Writers – Have experience in writing funding grants for community services and/or other not-for-profit organisations. This is a commission-only opportunity, and may be carried out from your own home in your own time. Legal Advisors – Provide legal advice and drafting of documents, where required. Assistance in research, advocacy and consultation with clients and other members.

Office Administrators – Undertake a range of functions to make sure the administration activities within an organisation run smoothly. They may be responsible for the management of human resources, budgets, accommodation and property facilities and records.

Personnel Supervisors – Provide on-the-job training to lower-level employees, supervise process operations and co-ordinate the activities of workers. Other responsibilities include calculating, analysing and presenting statistical data, executing environmental management programs and adhering to occupational health and safety procedures.

Project Managers – Define and achieve targets while optimising the use of resources (time, money, people, materials, energy, space, etc.) over the course of a project (a set of activities of finite duration).
Research & Development Officers – Conduct research into a variety of issues or areas and assist community groups in identifying their needs. Also participate in decision-making and develop appropriate services and facilities to meet those needs.

Tradespersons – Make, maintain or repair metal / building products and structures. They may produce moulds or patterns for maintenance and construction purposes, apply coatings and work with a variety of materials.

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