About PAWS

PAWS, People & Animal Welfare Society Inc is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation established 19th of April 2000.

Our Vision

The PAWS vision is a society wherein humans and non-human animals can coexist peacefully without the threat of cruelty, exploitation or untimely death. PAWS envisions increasing numbers of ethically responsible people living with a deep sense of purpose for the betterment of society and the sustainability of our environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce and maintain projects that encourage environmental sustainability, sensible agriculture, community welfare and education, and that display harmonious and productive relationships between human and non-human animals thereby creating greater peace within society.

Executive Committee

David Reynolds – Founding President
Luke Jacenko – Vice President
Brixley Gale – Treasurer
Michael Berry- Secretary

General Committee

Trevor Gore- Community Garden Coordinator
Tadgh Hickey
Alison Jardine 
Tim Nemeth 
Joseph Papp- NNSW/Qld Coordinator
Letisha Hancock
Mark Smith