Kathmandu founder Jan Cameron launches Animal Justice Fund

Posted by Jo Louise | June 22nd, 2010

Multi-millionaire Jan Cameron has been a mysterious, reclusive figure since she founded the outdoor equipment company Kathmandu in the 1970s. She has a long record of using her millions to fund generous, but sometimes secretive, philanthropy. A resident of Tasmania, she is a sponsor of the Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania, and has also sponsored RSPCA projects.

Cameron has now launched the Animal Justice Fund (AJF) to help end cruelty in animal farming. The fund will be administered by animal rights organisation Animals Australia. The following excerpt is from the AJF site:

The Animal Justice Fund (AJF) is a multi-million dollar fund established to promote the cause of animal welfare through strategic litigation, public awareness campaigns and the prosecution of persons or businesses who commit offences against animals used in intensive farming or through commercial and/or recreational practices.

The AJF’s aims will be achieved, in part, by the payment of rewards (maximum of $30,000) for information relating to animal cruelty – with a primary focus on animals raised in factory farms who have been exempted from the full protection of animal cruelty laws.

In an article about the launch, the Herald Sun says “Ms Cameron hopes the $5 million will change the way Australians accept animal husbandry to force farmers to adopt kinder care practices for caged animals.”

The Weekend Australian interviewed the fund manager, Lyn White, and reports that “the cash would reward those with evidence leading to a “significant welfare outcome”.”

That could either be a successful prosecution or a high-profile shaming of an intensive-farming operation guilty of animal cruelty.

It was hoped the fund would make Australians aware that acts of cruelty, which if perpetrated against a family pet would lead to a prosecution, were legally permitted against factory farm animals. “Few Australians are aware that 500 million production animals each year in Australia are being denied the legal protection from acts of cruelty that is afforded to dogs and cats,” she said.

Most states exempt factory-farmed animals from laws against severe confinement and against surgical procedures being performed without anaesthetic.

“All would be cruelty offences if those same acts were inflicted on cats or dogs, as they cause pain and suffering,” Ms White said.


13 Responses to “Kathmandu founder Jan Cameron launches Animal Justice Fund”

  1. jan rozanski Says:

    This fantasic! at last something will be done to prevent the animal cruelty in farming practices in Australia! Thank you Jan Cameron

  2. Jessie Brent Says:

    Will Jan Cameron consider looking at Puppy Farms?

  3. Di Cunningham Says:

    I am all for informing the public. Myself, I would like to be better informed. I am a keen supporter of the RSPCA for all animals and belong to other animal welfare groups. I don’t have a lot of money to donate, but doing a yearly RSPCA Xmas appeal through my company would like to add some of your information to just help enlighten people to make an informed and ethical decision on what companies to avoid. Yeah I know, supermarkets and Fast Food businesses are the worst culprits. Jan, I said to my husband during the story, wow, you have the best job in the world. Feel proud and through information we can make the changes that are so sorely needed.

  4. Jay Devine Says:

    Hello Animal Justice people,
    I just wanted to send my deep thanks to you for being part of preventing cruelty to animals – I do my thing in other areas – forest protection -wetlands – working to save these precious natural assets and for the animals who rely on them for survival – it helps me work harder on what I am doing when Im know other people are working hard looking after important issues of justice – I hope you get what I mean – sometimes there is just so much that needs our attention, that, if we care – it can be overwhelming and the size of the problem freeze us into inaction ( someone said that somewhere) – but when we know their are others using their energy to help call society into account and bring some ethics and reason into the way society functions it is inspiring – thanks again – good luck with your campaigns.
    kind regards,
    Jay Devine

  5. carlos Says:

    Fantastic Jan.
    I shed a tear when I saw your story. Brilliant, I hope you keep your businesses thriving so you can do more.The world needs more people like you Thank You.

  6. Jo Louise Says:

    Thanks for your kind words and enquiries. I can’t answer enquiries on behalf of the Animal Justice Fund, but I have passed on this information to them.
    Kind regards

  7. Suzanne Field Says:

    Thanks so much for this it will hopefully make animal farming practices humane and bring awarness to these issues. I am just a small person in the scheme of things but try to do my bit by writing letters to politicians about animal welfare not only in Australia but in Indonesia where the demand for palm oil is putting pressure on the rainforests and threating the survival of the native plants and animals. It would be so good if our food labelling laws in Australia were better so we could at least make a choice in the purchasing of how our food is farmed and where it comes from. But I guess thats another story. thanks again and good luck. Regards Suzanne.

  8. Kirsty Dunk Says:

    Thank you Jan for standing up and giving these poor animals a voice. I have been campaigning and letter writing to inform people of the terrible mistreatment of the poor mother sows, confined to those dreadful cages. I urge all people to stop eating pig products until farmers stand up and take notice. Pigs are such beautiful intelligent animals and I was horrified to realise how this industry worked.
    Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of the everyday consumer, many shoppers would have been mortified knowing they were supporting such an inhumane vicious industry.
    Thanks for helping out the hens too! Due to people like you shoppers everywhere are revolting!
    I wish you all the best to continue this marvellous work you do.
    As Ghandi said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world”

  9. Bob Winter Says:

    She is a great Woman. There are plenty of people who help the humans-who cares about the poor animals??? You Jan obviously do, it makes me feel better knowing that there are so many Animal lover like “SAVE” Thank you Jan Cameron’s for what you do for them. I wish more people cared about animals. It’s so sad that many people just do not care about animal suffering.
    The worst thing about “Kiwis” is their total denial about the level of their Animal Cruelty problems in New Zealand.
    Sometimes all it takes to make things better is for one person to decide to do something. It sounds as Jan Cameron’s is one of those persons who won’t just look away when she see animals suffering but will look for a way to help reduce their pain. The animals are lucky to have this Jan Cameron’s as their guardian!
    Make a difference and speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.
    “Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead
    We need People the love animal, because animals are treated very badly in this world. All animals should be treated with compassion, love and respect. We need people to get that message out.

    There is little that separates humans from other sentient beings we all feel pain, we all feel joy, we all deeply crave to be alive and live freely, and we all share this planet together. Gandhi ,,, LOVE AN ANIMAL-CHANGE THE WORLD,,,

    Bob Winter

  10. julie Says:

    HI, Thankyou Jan. this action by one such as yourself will inspire and encourage those of us whos voice just cant be heard. You are our voice. As Cat Stevens says. There is a Train a comin. Yep, I think its finally left the station and will just pick up spead now.
    I would like to speak up for the practice of capturing Cockatoos and caging them. These beautiful free spirited and intelligent creatures are kept in cages that are not only a prison, but when the cockatoos display their instinct to screach ( particularly in the breeding season of September, October and November) they quite often are punished. I would like to see all Pet shops banned from stocking these beautiful creatures and only be allowed to keep the smaller birds. Where or how or who can I speak to to get something out there in the public awareness on this. Can you please advise. Regards, Julie

  11. Antonia Says:

    Animal cruelty makes me seeth with fury and I am so pleased that Jan and Lyn have got this off the ground. Let’s hope that it is only the beginning and that it helps raise awareness of the terrible injustices that are carried out in the name of profit for selfish humans.

  12. Aprille Says:

    To achieve a lasting change in people’s attitudes and in turn their behaviour towards animal welfare, investment in research and development is required. At least part of Ms Cameron’s funds would be better spent in this way. Persecution and intimidation often has counter productive effects and this is not in the interest of our animals.

  13. Liz Orchard Says:

    Hats off to you Jan & Lyn,
    It was heartwrenching to see images of farm animals being subjected to such inhumane treatment. It appals me that people dont want to understand that eating misery is not good for the body and soul. I grew up on what was probably the first commercial broiler farm in Australia, in Victoria in about 1958. I thought having 12,000 pet chooks was fantastic. Little did I know they were all to be eaten, but they did get real grain,clean water, never went hungry and ran around within a big airy shed for 14 weeks. I kept hundreds as pets, and nothing prepared me for the poor caged hens we bought with the farm, so I freed them into a big paddock all 700 of them. Boy did I cop it but the poor things could not run away. I had to work very hard to gather their eggs in the paddock and they changed so much for the better even though some were lost to foxes.
    Seeing you Jan, reminded me of some of the most loved country ladies of my childhood with your honest down to earth manner and steadfast calm determination to do good for the animals who serve mankind with their lives. I would love to help in some way to spread the word and raise awareness to change relevant laws. My field is biostress testing, and also assisting those who have lost super, or been ripped off by so called financial planners, or pensioners who are living on nothing virtually. Bio stress testing might be a huge benefit to your cause. If people knew how much their bodies were affected by eating products from distressed animals, and that their own health was at stake they would not find that too hard to swallow. It shows up on the right scientific instruments which I would love to show you. The cause of vealers or poddie calves is too tragic for words. and now the farmers want laws changed to allow them to starve these beautiful babies for 30 hours before they are inhumanely killed for their meat. These are the calves that are born to milking cows each year and are treated like rubbish. Its a travesty that farmers could be so cruel to baby animals as to deprive them of even a litre of milk in the name of greed. Please contact me if you are interested to follow up as I am. Please email me at orchardrama@gmail.com

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